Learn about the origins of Blend & Boost and our philosophy of customized skin care

The Blend & Boost concept began with a pharmaceutical company that utilized advanced research and development to establish an effective method of personalized skin care. While its origins may be rooted in pharmaceutical science, Blend & Boost® was inspired by the apothecary era and a belief that each person’s skin is unique. With that in mind, we have developed a method to create truly customized skin care solutions for any skin type.

Philosophy of Customization

Blend & Boost provides you with a unique solution for all of your personal skin care concerns. This is the way it was done before the time of mass produced products, and Blend & Boost maintains this personal touch with our philosophy of customization.

Your Skin. Your Solution.

The key to optimal skin care is to understand the unique needs of your skin. Since each person’s skin tells its own story, we believe that skin care solutions should be tailored to your own unique, personal needs. It is with these values in mind that Blend & Boost® was founded.

“For the first time, customization provides real solutions for your skin’s needs, offering a true alternative to traditional, mass-produced skin care”

Fusion of Science and Luxury

Blend & Boost provides you with an alternative to the generic products bought off the shelf. Utilizing our patented technology, we select the perfect blend of ingredients from an array of peptides, antioxidants and natural components in order to address your specific skin care concerns. Each customized blend was meticulously tested to deliver a refined texture and an exhilarating sensorial experience.

Skin Care You Can Trust

Following in the footsteps of traditional apothecaries, Blend & Boost was developed by a team of professionals that includes a physician, a chemist, a pharmacist and a number of skin care experts. Blend & Boost provides you with a trustworthy and effective solution for any type of skin care issue, such as wrinkles, uneven skin tone, redness, sun damage and much more.




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