Q & A with Blend & Boost® ambassador, Dr. Neeraj Bector

Dr. Bector Dr. Bector, MD, CCFP, Clinical Lecturer, University of Alberta, shares his experience with Blend & Boost in his practice at the WestEd Medical and Esthetic Clinic in Edmonton, Alberta.

How is Blend & Boost unique from other skin care products on the market?

"This is the first time we are able to formulate cosmetic creams for the specific needs of our patients. With the myriad of treatments on the cosmetic market, patients just buy what is sold to them instead of what they need. With the Blend & Boost customized care concept and skin analysis, we figure out exactly what their needs are and provide them with the best solution - whether it is to complement in-office procedures or offer primary prevention."

How do your patients feel about the concept of customized care?

"My patients are happy to have a skin care product personalized to their needs. Thanks to its highly customizable nature, Blend & Boost can address more than one skin concern and often replaces multiple products a patient was previously using."

How has Blend & Boost integrated into your practice?

"After learning all Blend & Boost could offer, it was easy to implement it in my practice. Patient reactions have been positive and they are now sending friends and family to my clinic to try the product for themselves."